Neural Information Processing

Modules Master

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Course title:

Introduction to Psychtoolbox

Art des Moduls:
Credits allocated 3 LP in total
- Contact time
- Self-study
total: 90 h

2 SWS lecture and
practical session

Remaining time
for reading and preparation
Module length 1 semester
Frequency of module Irregular
Language English
Limited number of participants 15
Type of Course

2 SWS lecture and practical session in one sitting.


1, 2, 3 or 4

Exam & Grading

Grade is based on completion of a final practical assignment incorporating all covered topics.


Learn how to achieve the following with psychtoolbox

Learning targets

By reflecting upon the practical considerations that go into the implementation of psychological experiments, students will acquire a grasp of the different paradigms, technicalities and nuances of writing an experiment using Psychtoolbox.

Allowable for  
Kognitionswissenschaft - Master
im Bereich MKOGINF

A laptop with a running MATLAB (license available on the campus software portal) or Octave, and a functioning installation of Psychtoolbox 3 (

Course Co-ordinator

Heiko Schütt

Suggested reading

Documentation sources will be suggested at the beginning of the lecture course.