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Introduction to Psychtoolbox

Art des Moduls:
Credits allocated3 LP in total
- Contact time   
- Self-study       
total: 90 h

2 SWS lecture and
practical session

Remaining time
for reading and preparation
Module length1 semester
Frequency of moduleIrregular
Limited number of participants15
Type of Course

2 SWS lecture and practical session in one sitting.


1, 2, 3 or 4

Exam & Grading 

Grade is based on completion of a final practical assignment incorporating all covered topics.


Learn how to achieve the following with psychtoolbox

  • Drawing primitives, images, and textures
  • Use alpha-mapping for blending and masking
  • Play and loop sounds
  • Accurate concurrent button-press detection
  • Structuring experiments for reproducibility and robustness
Learning targets

By reflecting upon the practical considerations that go into the implementation of psychological experiments, students will acquire a grasp of the different paradigms, technicalities and nuances of writing an experiment using Psychtoolbox.

Allowable for
Kognitionswissenschaft - Master
im Bereich MKOGINF 

A laptop with a running MATLAB (license available on the campus software portal) or Octave, and a functioning installation of Psychtoolbox 3 (

Course Co-ordinator

Heiko Schütt

Suggested reading

Documentation sources will be suggested at the beginning of the lecture course.