Colloquium Winter Term 2015/16

Day, time & location: 

During term time:
Tuesdays from 12:15 till 13:45 hrs, weekly
72076 Tübingen, Sand 6, room F230


13.10.2015David Janssen
Early vision & Theano
20.10.2015Marius Görner
Dichoptic stimulus presentation (lab rotation project)
27.10.2015- no colloquium -
03.11.2015- no colloquium -
10.11.2015Theresa Stadler
Sophie Laturnus
Causality seen through the lens of vision research (essay rotation project)

Animal Eyes: Why do animals have different pupil shapes? (essay rotation project)

17.11.2015Hannes Schröter
Psychologie, Tübingen

Semantic influences on the processing of redundant signals

24.11.2015- no colloquium -
01.12.2015Britta Lewke
Semantic and contextual influences on peripheral visual sensitivity (BSc thesis)
08.12.2015Elisabeth Hein
Psychologie, Tübingen
(Scene-based motion correspondence)
– due to illness the colloquium has to be cancelled today –
– the talk will be postponed to next semester –
– sorry for any inconvenience –
15.12.2015Nicole Eichert
Modelling of early visual light adaptation (lab rotation project)
22.12.2015- holiday -
29.12.2015- holiday -
05.01.2016- holiday -
12.01.2016Tom Wallis
Peripheral sensitivity to naturalistic textures
19.01.2016- no colloquium -
26.01.2016Steffen Katzner
CIN, Tübingen
Cortical visual processing in the context of behavior
02.02.2016Laura Busse
CIN, Tübingen
Mice psychophysics
09.02.2016- no colloquium -