Guillermo Aguilar

TU Berlin
Talk at NIP on 27.10.2014:
On the role of two-dimensional cues for perceived differences in slant


Nadja Althaus

University of East Anglia
Talk on 30.11.2016:
Emerging words: tracking learning in infancy

Erhardt Barth

University of Lübeck
Talk on Manifold sensing @ Bethge Lab on 12.11.2013
Talk at NIP on 18.10.2016:
Using saliency models for gaze control and object recognition.


Simon Barthelmé

Visited NIP on 14.03.2012 and on 23./24.06.2015


Giacomo Bassetto

University of Padova
Visited JRG Macke and gave a talk in the NIP seminar room on 12.11.2013:
GPUs for Simulation


Jan Benda

Neurobiologie Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 16.01.2018:
Sensory tuning does not match behavioral relevance of communication signals in free-living weakly electric fish

Torsten Betz

TU Berlin and BCCN Berlin
Visited NIP from 25.02.2013 until 01.03.2013
and from 12.05.2014 until 14.05.2014


Daniel Braun

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 24.06.2013:
Model uncertainty and risk-sensitivity in sensorimotor learning and decision-making


Aenne Brielmann

University of Konstanz
Talk at NIP on 19.02.2014:
Effects of expected value on eye movement accuracy


Laura Busse

CIN, Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 02.02.2016
Mice psychophysics


Steven Dakin

University College London, Institute of Ophthalmology

Bernstein lecture on 22.05.2014:
Visual coding of local position



Adele Diederich

School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jacobs University Bremen
Bernstein lecture on 02.05.2013:
Sequential sampling models for decision making

Michael Dorr

Schepens Eye Research Institute.
Talk at NIP on 06.11.2012:
Eye movements and the perception of dynamic natural scenes

Vebjørn Ekroll

KU Leuven
Talk at NIP on 12.04.2016:
What is  the role of perceptual illusions in magic?


Ralf Engbert

University of Potsdam
Visited NIP on 14.03.2012, 20./21.02.2013,
28./29.01.2015, 23./24.06.2015
and on 24./25.11.2016

Matthias Franz

HTWG Konstanz
Visited NIP on 01.03.2013,
23.07.2013, 05.12.2013, 12.12.2014,


Peter Gehler

MPI Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 14.02.2017:
Sparse high dimensional convolutional neural networks


Stefan Harmeling

MPI for Intelligent Systems
Visited NIP on 06.11.2013
and on 04.06.2014

Elisabeth Hein

Psychologie, Universität Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 19.07.2016:
Scene-based motion correspondence


Julian Heinrich

Universität Tübingen, Applied Bioinformatics
Talk at NIP on 26.04.2017:
Parallel Coordinates


Michael Hirsch

MPI Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 29.11.2016:
Learning to Deblur


Dominik Janzing

MPI for Intelligent Systems
Talk at NIP about "Causality" on 30.06.2014


Steffen Katzner

CIN, Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 26.01.2016
Cortical visual processing in the context of behavior


Matthias Kümmerer

Bethge lab Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 18.11.2014:
Theano - efficient numerical calculations in Python


Martin Lages

University of Glasgow, School of Psychology
Talk at NIP on 06.05.2015:
On the Highs and Lows of Visual Perception



Andreas Lüschow

Charité Berlin
Visited NIP on 24.10.2012


Marianne Maertens

TU Berlin
Talk at NIP on 11.12.2013:
Context affects lightness at the level of surfaces


Laurence T. Maloney

New York University (NYU)
Visited NIP on 12.12.2011

Günter Meinhardt

Universität Mainz
Talk at NIP on 17.01.2017:
Detection Features and their Combinations & Dichoptic Presentation


Hauke Meyerhoff

Leibniz-Institut Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 12.12.2017:
Multiple Object Tracking: An Overview

Arne Ohlendorf

Tübingen Zeiss Vision Science Lab

Talk at NIP about "the details of the optics of the human eye" on 21.11.2014

Bernhard Ronacher

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute for Biology, Behavioural Physiology
Visited NIP on 22.05.2014 and gave a talk in the NIP seminar room:
Processing of acoustic patterns by a small brain: grasshoppers use local but not global cues for song recognition


Lars Rothkegel

University of Potsdam
Visited NIP on 28./29.01.2015, 23./24.06.2015
and on 24./25.11.2016


Maneesh Sahani

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London
Bernstein lecture on 08.11.2012:
Keeping one’s eye on the ball:
Inferring latent dynamical state from ensemble neuronal activity.

Vinzenz Schönfelder

Mathew Diamond’s laboratory at the SISSA in Trieste, Italy.

Visited NIP from 24.-25.10.2013

Hannes Schröter

Psychologie, Universität Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 17.11.2015:
Semantic influences on the processing of redundant signals


Tamara Seybold

ARRI München
Talk at NIP on 10.05.2017:
Professionelle Kameratechnik


Julia Seyfarth

Charité Berlin
Visited NIP on 24.10.2012


Katherine Storrs

University College London
Talk at NIP on 16.12.2013:

What can aftereffects tell us about high-level vision?


Niko Troje

Queen's University Kingston, Canada
Talk at NIP on 13.05.2015:
What is biological motion?



Hans Trukenbrod

University of Potsdam
Visited NIP on 14.03.2012, 23./24.06.2015
and on 24./25.11.2016 

Rolf Ulrich

Psychologie, Universität Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 21.06.2016:
Internal reference model


Nora Umbach

University of Tübingen
Talk at NIP on 25.02.2013
Dimensionality of the Perceptual Space of Achromatic Surface Colors



Shravan Vasishth

University of Potsdam
Talk at NIP on 07.06.2016:
Linear mixed models


Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

University of Amsterdam

Bernstein lecture on 26.04.2012:
Not so Fast! Premature Conclusions in Cognitive Neuroscience

Tom Wallis

Schepens Eye Research Institute
Visited NIP on 31.05.2012


Joachim Weber

Charité Berlin
Visited NIP on 24.10.2012


Bei Xiao

MIT: Brain+Cognitive Sciences

Bei's website

Visiting Professor @ NIP
from 06.06.2014 until 20.08.2014

Fan Zhang

University of Delft
Talk at NIP on 15.12.2016:
Visual perception of canonical material modes and its interactions with canonical lighting modes

Tiziano Zito

TU Berlin
Visited NIP from 11.-12.12.2013


Eberhart Zrenner

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen,
Institute for Ophthalmic Research

Visited NIP on 12.11.2013