Dr. Tom Wallis: interim professor at NIP

Dr. Tom Wallis will act as interim professor at NIP from 10/2017 till 09/2018


New essay rotation student David Hoffmann

As part of his GTC studies he is doing his essay rotation in our lab.


We have a new lab rotation student: Jan Lause

He is studying at the GTC Tübingen and does his lab rotation in our lab.


New journal article published

Title: "Methods and measurements to compare men against machines" by Wichmann, F. A., Janssen, D. H. J., Geirhos, R., Aguilar, G., Schütt, H. H., Maertens, M., and Bethge, M.


Tom Wallis: New abstract accepted as a poster at ECVP from 27.08.-31.08.2017 in Berlin

Title: "Matching peripheral scene appearance using deep features: Investigating image-specific variance and contributions of spatial attention" by Thomas S. A. Wallis, Christina M. Funke, Alexander S. Ecker, Leon A. Gatys, Felix...


New article accepted in "Journal of Vision"

Title: "An Image-computable Psychophysical Spatial Vision Model" by Heiko H. Schütt and Felix A. Wichmann


New article published in the journal "Psychological Review"

Title: "Likelihood-Based Parameter Estimation and Comparison of Dynamical Cognitive Models" by Heiko H. Schütt, Lars O. M. Rothkegel, Hans A. Trukenbrod, Sebastian Reich, Felix A. Wichmann & Ralf Engbert

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